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Experience the essence of the Cayman Islands on your skin, where the unique and welcoming lifestyle transcends conventional boundaries of hospitality and natural beauty, enveloping you in a warm embrace. Here, each day presents an opportunity to appreciate the sophistication of life’s simple pleasures.


Our Story

Cayman Ties was launched by *****, a proud Cayman Islander who transitioned from the corporate world to create a line of products that fuse sophistication and wellness, inspiring a lifestyle that harmoniously blends beauty and nature.

Our Values

Authentic beauty
through naturalness:

We prioritize organic ingredients in our products, aiming to honor nature in its purest form.

for beauty:

We believe self-care is integral to happiness; hence, our beauty rituals are designed to nourish both the body and the soul.

Natural sophistication
through minimalism:

We embrace simplicity in our rituals and formulations.

Luxury through

We strive to deliver memorable sensory experiences through high-quality ingredients and fragrances, exuding genuine sophistication.

Our Founder

Imbued with the essence of the Cayman Islands, AnnMarie Levien life story is a testament to her indomitable spirit. Born into a modest family, her unyielding determination to achieve her dreams and make a positive impact on others’ lives has been a constant throughout her journey. Annmarie established a successful career in the financial services sector, securing prominent roles over her two-decade tenure.

However, her passion for beauty, wellness, and elegance wasn’t satisfied by the skincare products that were available on the market.

Inspired by the breathtaking environment of the Cayman Islands, where she resides, Annmarie founded Cayman Ties to create the products she had been seeking. Each offering is an embodiment of the perfect harmony between health, beauty, and sophistication, tested in an environment that constantly challenges the skin through exposure to the sun and nature.

For Annmarie, the mission goes beyond providing high-quality products. She is committed to inspiring individuals to lead balanced and healthy lives, utilizing beauty as a conduit towards fulfillment. Her products, thoughtfully formulated with natural ingredients, reflect her philosophy of providing gentle, environmentally friendly solutions for the skin.

Further, Annmarie is dedicated to helping others realize their dreams through education and self-esteem development, sharing her journey as a source of inspiration.


Cayman Ties is a brand with a purpose: to help everyone find the balance between natural beauty, well-being, and confidence.

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